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Лунный свет / В Лунном Свете

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Новый 2007 года вампирский ретро-детектив - сериал, очень динамичный и захватывающий сюжет.|Выпущено: CBS||Original Air Date: 28 September 2007|A vampire lands work as a private investigator and falls for mortal woman.||Season 1, Episode 2: Out of the Past|Original Air Date: 5 October 2007|When a convicted murderer from Mick's past is released from prison, Mick must face one of his worst fears - having the truth of his immortal identity revealed to Beth.|Next US airings:Fri. Dec. 28 9:00 PM CBS |||Season 1, Episode 3: Dr. Feelgood|Original Air Date: 12 October 2007|A person is struck by a car as he crosses the street. A passing motorist tries to help him, but the victim was a vampire who promptly feeds on the good Samaritan. Instead of killing him, he spawns another vampire. The new vampire goes on a spree that threatens to reveal them all. Nick must stop the new vampire.||Season 1, Episode 4: Fever|Original Air Date: 19 October 2007|Two undercover officers are killed while protecting a witness. Fearing there's a mole, Josh hires Mick to find the witness and bring her back. Mick's able to locate her in the desert, but gets too much sunlight. On the verge of death, Mick needs blood to survive. Meanwhile Josh and Beth find out Mick's car has been destroyed, while Josh tries to find the mole, Beth worries that Mick may be dead.||Season 1, Episode 5: Arrested Development|Original Air Date: 26 October 2007|After Beth saves him, Mick tries to avoid her. Beth investigates the murder of an escort, while Mick locates a couple's estranged daughter. The two cases are related so they have to work together, a new development in their relationship.||Season 1, Episode 6: B.C.|Original Air Date: 2 November 2007|Beth investigates the death of model from a mysterious overdose. Mick tracks down a friend for Joseph. What he finds is a vampire who creates a drug from Vampire blood.||Season 1, Episode 7: The Ringer|Original Air Date: 9 November 2007|Beth's new photographer, Morgan, takes some photos of a building fire. When her camera is stolen, she hires Mick to find the culprit and retrieve her equipment. But Mick's more interested in investigating Morgan, who looks exactly like Mick's ex-wife Coraline.||Season 1, Episode 8: 12:04 AM|Original Air Date: 16 November 2007|As a convicted murderer is about to be executed, he vows to return. When the star witness at his trial starts to get threats, Beth takes her to Mick. Soon Mick realizes that he may have actually returned. While Beth stays with the witness, she recalls when she kidnapped as a child.||Season 1, Episode 9: Fleur De Lis|Original Air Date: 23 November 2007|Mick hires Morgan for a case of suspected infidelity. Meanwhile Beth investigates Morgan's past, and realizes she's encountered her before.||Season 1, Episode 10: Sleeping Beauty|Original Air Date: 14 December 2007|Josef's home is attacked by a professional killer. Mick searches for the person who hired him, realizing that the contractor knew Josef was a vampire. Meanwhile Coraline lies in a hospital near death.

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Информация о фильме Лунный свет / В Лунном Свете

В оригинале: Moonlight
Страна: США
Год выхода: 2007

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