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Остаться в живых Сезон 4

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Season 4, Episode 1: The Beginning of the End|Original Air Date: 31 January 2008|Charlie's dying message casts doubt on the intentions of the people that Jack believes to be their rescuers. A power struggle ensues between Jack, who wants to leave the island, and Locke, who thinks that they're supposed to stay.||Season 4, Episode 2: Confirmed Dead|Original Air Date: 7 February 2008|The surviving members of the supposed "rescue team" are scattered around the island after a helicopter problem. However, once they are located, they reluctantly reveal that they are indeed not there to rescue them.|Next US airings:Thur. Apr. 3 9:00 PM ABC |||Season 4, Episode 3: The Economist|Original Air Date: 14 February 2008|Sayid negotiates a deal with Locke to hand over Charlotte from the "rescue team," so that he can get on their helicopter and reach their ship. Kate joins Sayid for the mission, but she decides to stay behind with Sawyer.||Season 4, Episode 4: Eggtown|Original Air Date: 21 February 2008|Kate goes behind Locke's back to arrange a meeting between Miles and Ben, where Miles offers his terms for not giving Ben up to his colleagues. However, Locke discovers what she has done, and banishes her from his camp.||Season 4, Episode 5: The Constant|Original Air Date: 28 February 2008|During the helicopter ride to the ship, Desmond's consciousness begins jumping back and forth between present day 2004 and 1996. He is forced to find Daniel Faraday in 1996 in order to get answers and stop the jumps.||Season 4, Episode 6: The Other Woman|Original Air Date: 6 March 2008|Daniel and Charlotte leave Jack's camp to fulfill their objective, and Jack and Juliet try to track them down before they are successful. Juliet's romantic history on the island with The Others is exposed.||Season 4, Episode 7: Ji Yeon|Original Air Date: 13 March 2008|Juliet exposes Sun's pre-island affair to Jin so that they won't defect to Locke's camp. Sayid and Desmond meet the ship's captain and discover that Michael is working on the boat.||Season 4, Episode 8: Meet Kevin Johnson|Original Air Date: 20 March 2008|Michael's journey from escaping the island to working as Ben's spy on Widmore's ship is revealed, as well as his mission. Ben tells Danielle and Alex to leave Locke's camp and go to the island temple, but they are ambushed on the way.||Season 4, Episode 9: The Shape of Things to Come|Original Air Date—24 April 2008|The team from the ship attacks Locke's camp looking for Ben, with Alex as a hostage. Meanwhile, the doctor from the ship washes up on shore at Jack's camp, and Daniel Faraday provides some distressing news to Jack.||Season 4, Episode 10: Something Nice Back Home|Original Air Date—1 May 2008|Juliet is forced to perform an emergency appendectomy on Jack, Jack's post-rescue relationship with Kate is revealed, and Sawyer, Claire, and Aaron head back to Jack's camp with Miles.||Season 4, Episode 11: Cabin Fever|Original Air Date—8 May 2008|Locke, Ben, and Hurley continue their search for the cabin so that Locke can talk to Jacob. Back on the boat, Keamy prepares to take off again, this time for a all-out assault on the island.||Season 4, Episode 12: There's No Place Like Home: Part 1|Original Air Date—15 May 2008|Ben, Locke, and Hurley go to The Orchid, but Keamy and his men beat them there. Jack and Kate go after the helicopter, and are later joined by Sawyer. Sayid comes back to the island with a rescue boat, and then goes after them too.||Season 4, Episode 13: There's No Place Like Home: Part 2|Original Air Date—29 May 2008|Ben tries to escape Keamy's custody so that he and Locke can follow through with Jacob's request to move the island. Michael tries to neutralize the explosives on the boat, while the "Oceanic 6" move closer to rescue.

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В оригинале: Lost - The Fourth Season
Страна: США
Год выхода: 2008

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