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Танцор этажом выше / Танцовщица с верхнего этажа

Описание фильма

An interesting choice of subject from Malkovich for a directorial debut. When Nina Simone started crooning "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" in the first few reels I revelled in the choice of music hoping it would be reflective of the director's taste in general, and braced myself for an exquisite movie from an exquisite actor. Unfortunately, in its totality, this movie fell short of my (possibly high) expectations. Let me elaborate. ||The premise is noble: a political thriller with a romantic undercurrent based on Nicolas Shakespeare's eponymous novel that veers around the "sendero luminoso" (shining path) maoist insurgency in Peru. The indigenous Peruvian life is in distress, there is acute economic disparity across social groups (lots of wealth in few hands), lawyers drive cabs, policemen moonlight to make ends meet. This calls for a revolution against the tyrannical government that is busy mercilessly abandoning its people. Abimael Guzman, an eccentric philosophy teacher with a penchant for women guides the coup(s). Somewhat paradoxical that such blood and gore had to be the expression of a righteous cause but the professor still needs to be brought to book. Couched in all this mayhem, a simple love-story between a policeman Rejas (who's hunting for the crazed professor) and a dance teacher.

Онлайн просмотр - Танцор этажом выше / Танцовщица с верхнего этажа

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Информация о фильме Танцор этажом выше / Танцовщица с верхнего этажа

В оригинале: The Dancer Upstairs
Страна: Испания
Год выхода: 2002
Режиссёр: Джон Малкович
Жанр: Драма

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