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Вторжение демонических тварей

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They thought they were going to a good school, then their schedule was rearranged by a guidance counseler from Hell! When an instructor at an elite women's academy digs up an ancient artifact that demands to be fed a steady supply of nubile young women to slake its unnatural appetites, Atsuko and Sayaka find themselves abruptly thrust into the middle of an epic clash between the forces of evil and the ancient spirits of the earth! The question is not who will win, but where any of the Academy's unsuspecting student bodies will be left alive by the time the battles over! The lessons are deadly and the final examination truly final as our heroines take the fat of humanity into their own hands in a non-stop orgy of sex, violence and destruction! Atsuko and Suyaka must use their own bodes to trap and defeat an entity older then mankind itself. Even with the supernatural aid of an unexpected ally, it's going to take everything they've got just to survive this ultimate close encounter with evil!||Summary written by {goldenshadows@hotmail.com}||It's trouble for human kind, when the race of the villainous Demon Beasts decides to return to the world they once inhabited. That's because Earth was once their home and now they want it back! Unfortunately in the time of their absence Earth's atmosphere drastically changed, and for their race to survive, a Demon Beast has to mate with humans. |The Mutual Observation Agency, however, is not going to stand by and let the Demon Beast pollute the Earth's population, and agents Kasu and Muneto are deployed to stop him... and that's not going to be easy!

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В оригинале: Demon Beast Invasion (Yoju kyoshitsu)
Страна: Япония
Год выхода: 1993
Режиссёр: Казума Мураки, Kanenari Tokiwa
Жанр: Аниме

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