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Ранние работы: Питер Гринуэй

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Before his international arthouse hit The Draughtsman's Contract, Peter Greenaway made a series of highly inventive and witty short films.|The content of the six films varies widely - the potted history of 37 people who have fallen to their deaths from windows (Windows), a sequence of 92 maps to guide a dead ornithologist on his way into the afterlife (A Walk Through H) - but all the films are immensely playful and take pleasure in cataloguing the absurd. Composer Michael Nyman started his career with Peter Greenaway and contributes a thrilling score to A Walk Through H.||Dear Phone|The red English telephone box has fascinated generations of people, both native and foreign, for decades. Greenaway takes this well-loved icon and in his unique way gives us a totally new perspective of an everyday object.||Water Wrackets|Nature and the countryside feature prominently in Greenaway's earliest films. Water Wrackets gives us images of rivers, streams, and countryside landscapes. Against the exquisite beauty of close-ups of branches, water-lilies and swirling water, we hear a story, serenely narrated, of ancient dynasty. We ultimately 'see' so much more on the screen than is really there, as our minds link the images with the tale. The haunting sound of wind moaning through trees in the forests accompanies our journey into our own mind.||Windows|In Windows Greenaway shows us the playful, darkly humourous side of his art while remaining sensitive to the construction of beautiful images. Presented with a series of windows looking out onto superb English summer countryside, a voice-over dryly informs us that "in 1973, thirty-seven people in the Parish of W were killed as a result of falling out of windows".||A Walk Through H|Subtitled 'The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist', A Walk Through H records an extraordinary symbolic journey through a mysterious bird-filled country undertaken by an ornithologist at the end of his life.||Intervals|One of Greenaway's earliest films, Intervals was shot in Venice during the first days of 1969. It is a thought-provoking montage of street scenes shot in black and white.||H is for House|Greenaway's love of the English countryside is demonstrated lavishly in H is for House. Superb shots of sunsets, fields, tress and blue skies are set to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Once again a humourous web of ideas to seduce and intrigue the spectator is simultaneously developed on the soundtrack.

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Информация о фильме Ранние работы: Питер Гринуэй

В оригинале: The Early Films of Peter Greenaway
Год выхода: 1973
Режиссёр: Питер Гринуэй
Жанр: Короткометражный

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